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Padstow Reclaimed Dining Room

The Padstow collection is a refined offering of pieces hand made from reclaimed wood, offering a rustic yet gentle charm. The recycled wood is certified and the cabinetry techniques are from a bygone era of immense quality and ornate detail. Each piece of furniture is hand painted using environmentally friendly materials.

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Padstow Wine Rack

Dimensions; H:1000mm W:1000mm D:320mm

Padstow Small Sideboard

Dimensions; H:850mm W:1200mm D:450mm

Padstow Large Sideboard

Dimensions; H:850mm W:1600mm D:450mm

Padstow Dresser Top

Dimensions; H:1220mm W:1600mm D:325mm

Padstow Narrow Glazed Display Unit

Dimensions; H:1800mm W:740mm D:480mm

Padstow Glazed Display Unit

Dimensions; H:1850mm W:1000mm D:430mm

Padstow Circular Dining Table

Dimensions; H:770mm W:1400mm D:1400mm

Padstow Small Extending Dining Table

Dimensions; H:790mm W:1400-1800mm D:900mm

Padstow Large Extending Dining Table

Dimensions; H:790mm W:1800-2400mm D:900mm

Padstow Dining Chair with Cushion Seat

Dimensions; H:1010mm W:430mm D:535mm