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Cotswold Painted Bedroom

Enhance your living space with our Cotswold Collection. Whether you choose a bed, a chest, a wardrobe or maybe a sideboard, dining table & chairs or perhaps just a coffee table, the new Cotswold style will create a striking presence in your home. You can create a warm and comfortable feel to your room, knowing each piece is individually crafted. We employ the best techniques to create solid drawers, dovetail joints, tongue and groove backs whilst incorporating valued features such as solid oak tops and a deep lasting painted finish throughout. Featuring modern silver coloured cup handles and with a most attractive sculptured top and plinth.

Manufactured in Devon by experienced and skilled craftsman.

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Cotswold 2 Drawer Bedside

Dimensions; H:580mm W:485mm D:420mm

Cotswold 3 Drawer Bedside

Dimensions; H:739mm W:487mm D:420mm

Cotswold 3 Drawer Compact Bedside

Dimensions; H:720mm W:390mm D:300mm

Cotswold 5 Drawer Wellington

Dimensions H:1320mm W:605mm D:420mm

Cotswold 2 over 2 Chest

Dimensions H:945mm W:920mm D:420mm

Cotswold 2 over 3 Chest

Dimensions H:1185mm W:920mm D:420mm

Cotswold 3 over 4 Chest

Dimensions H:945mm W:1330mm D:420mm

Cotswold Single Dressing Table

Dimensions H:800mm W:1195mm D:420mm

Cotswold Swing Mirror

Dimensions H:450mm W:590mm D:140mm

Cotswold Dressing Table Stool

Dimensions H:490mm W:500mm D:410mm

Cotswold 4'6" Double Bed

Dimensions H:1080mm W:1525mm D:2085mm

Cotswold 5' King Size Bed

Dimensions H:1080mm W:1678mm D:2190mm